All: This email starts the process of WGLC for the cost calendar work

As the minutes of the December 2017 ALTO Virtual Interim meeting [2]
reflect, the chairs were to ratify the decision to go to WGLC on the
list and move the work ahead.

Consequently, please consider this email as a aggregated ratification
and WGLC notice.  If a WG community member does not agree to such
ratification of the work to go to WGLC, please let the WG know during
the WGLC period established below.

The WGLC period runs from Thu, Feb 22 2018 to Sun, March 4, 2018.

The work has been reviewed by key WG members (Jensen and Dawn) in the
past.  The chairs believe that the work is mature and ready to be moved

The chairs would like to solicit further comments from the WG community
on this work as part of the WGLC process.  Please read the draft [1] and
provide any comments to the author in preparation for a revision of the
draft post-WGLC that will close any open editorial issues as well.

Thank you,


Vijay K. Gurbani and Jan Seedorf

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