All: In preparation for moving the unified property draft [0] ahead, the
minutes of the December 2017 Virtual Interim Meeting [1] indicate that
the chairs seek answers to the following questions from the WG:

(1) Are cellular addresses an important abstraction that the working
 group will like to introduce in ALTO?  Currently, cellular address
 format is specified in a companion draft [2].

(2) If yes, is the unified-props-new draft the correct place to add the
 cellular representation?

Please note that the unified property draft [0] gates path-vector [3],
as there is a dependency of path-vector on unified-props.  Thus, the
plan is to move these two drafts ahead as a bundle.

Which means that we need to reach a conclusion on the questions posed
above so unified-props and path-vector can move ahead.

Please express an substantive opinion on the above questions in the
mailing list.


Thank you,

- vijay
Vijay K. Gurbani /
Network Data Science, Nokia Networks

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