Thanks Keith!

So what is recorded is not necessarily exactly what is sent over Telemetry,
since that spike is not in the recording? Not a problem by itself, I just
want to understand what's the final source of truth - recording I assume.


On Mar 10, 2018 21:25, "Keith Packard" <> wrote:

Edouard Lafargue <> writes:

> Hi!
>    I noticed today that there was a significant discrepancy between the
> Android app max altitude that was recorded on a flight (719m), and the
> max altitude as saved on my Telemetrum (676m), and I was wondering if you
> have any idea where this might be coming from?

One might well have come from a baro pressure spike at apogee, so it's
always good to look at the recorded flight log to see what's up.

Any GPS data will always be marked as 'gps altitude' or 'gps height';
everything else is barometric because we can get a lot more data from
that, and small changes are more precise.

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