On 08/05/2017 03:35 AM, Jon LaBadie wrote:

Gnutar writes on the standard error stream both error messages
and informational messages.  You are seeing the latter type
for your "/" DLE.

Typically, gnutar is called by amgtar.  Amgtar includes lists
of gnutar messages it can ignore and should not show to you.
But this can be easily tripped up by simple changes in the
message format, eg. an extra space or a case change.

Check the man page for amgtar to see the lists on messages
and for the way to make local changes to them.


Thank you very much.

From a combination of what you've told me and my guesses, it sounds like there's a buglet in amdump/gtar/amgtar/myDisklist that isn't really hurting anything, but worries people like me, and can be worked around with a little playing around with amgtar. From the man page, it looks like some attention to the dumptype param might be in order.

I'll do that RSN, but I'll quit worrying about it. The backups are working fine.

Thanks again.

Glenn English

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