On 09.08.17 08:25, steveg wrote:
I have amavisd-new 2.10.1 on debian with $log_level = 2 running. I need
amavis log infos about spam-score (in a logfile-line which starts with
spam-tag) and about attachements (name, size), but no noisy
performance-infos like below. How could performance-details in syslog be
disabled? Switching to $log_level = 1 wouldn't gain infos about
attachements and score.

Am 09.08.2017 um 10:43 schrieb Matus UHLAR - fantomas:
I'm afraid this can be only done by modifying amavis.
However I also use $log_level = 2 for seeing final score and I think it
would be nice if amavis provided this with lower log levels.

On 09.08.17 11:44, Timo Walter wrote:
$log_level = 1;
$log_templ = $log_verbose_templ;

This gives a log with checks and scores.

what does this do and is this documented somewhere?
are all amavisd-new config variables so cryptic?

even RTFS did not help me to get it :-(
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