Hi Alex

While we can avoid such vm flush failure by stitch together of the sending REQ 
and reading ACK part, at least for compute ring this is confirmed.
And I believe for SDMA ring (even UVD/VCE ring) it could also be achieved.

But @Koenig, Christian<mailto:christian.koe...@amd.com> insist stitching 
together the REQ AND ACK part is not a formal way to fix the issue, instead 
just a walkaround and I cannot debate that

What make me worry more is what if there are more registers like Alex said that 
behaves like this CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE,
since we don’t know their names(too hard to filter them out!) so we couldn’t 
remove them all from SR list,
So I still think we need plan B to handle above case,  A.K.A use one package 
for the REQ and ACK job


From: Deucher, Alexander
Sent: 2018年3月8日 10:53
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Mao, David <david....@amd.com>
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Subject: Re: deprecated register issues

I think there are more than just CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE that could cause this 
problem.  IIRC, some entire class of gfx registers could cause it, it just 
happened that this was one of the only ones we readback via mmio.  Also for the 
save and restore list, I think the RLC uses a different interface to read back 
the registers so it may not be affected the same way.


From: Liu, Monk
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To: Deucher, Alexander; Koenig, Christian; Mao, David
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Subject: RE: deprecated register issues

Hi guys

According to Christian’s found, reading this register would make vm hub failed 
to finish the vm flush request , e.g.: sdma is doing vm flush which first write 
data to vm_invalidat_req and read result from vm_invalidate_ack, but found 
driver will forever failed to get the correct value from vm_invalidate_ack if 
the meantime BIF is reading this CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE register.

Now SR-IOV world switch also may get such similar trouble, see below 
save_restore_list ( during world_switch, RLCV will save current VF’s register 
according to this list and restore all those registers when loading back this 

uint32 register_restore[] = {

       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmPA_SC_FIFO_SIZE),   /* SC   */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmCC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE),   /* SC SC PER_SE  */


       (uint32)((0x3400 << 18) | mmCC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE),   /* SC SC PER_SE  */


       (uint32)((0x3800 << 18) | mmCC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE),   /* SC SC PER_SE  */


       (uint32)((0x3c00 << 18) | mmCC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE),   /* SC SC PER_SE  */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_VTX_VECT_EJECT_REG),


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_DMA_DATA_FIFO_DEPTH),   /* IA WD  */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_DMA_REQ_FIFO_DEPTH),   /* WD   */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_DRAW_INIT_FIFO_DEPTH),   /* WD   */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_CACHE_INVALIDATION),   /*  IA  */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_RESET_DEBUG),   /*  WD  */


       (uint32)((0x3000 << 18) | mmVGT_FIFO_DEPTHS),

I will do some test against this CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE register, see if vm 
flush failure issue could be avoided by removing those four register from SR 



From: Deucher, Alexander
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Jian-Rong <jian-rong....@amd.com<mailto:jian-rong....@amd.com>>
Subject: Re: deprecated register issues

Right.  We ran into issues with reading back that register at runtime when UMDs 
queried it when other stuff was in flight, so we just read it once at startup 
and cache the results. Now when UMDs request it, we return the cached value.



From: Koenig, Christian
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To: Mao, David; Liu, Monk
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Subject: Re: deprecated register issues

Hi David,

well I just figured that this is a misunderstanding.

Accessing this register and some other deprecated registers can cause problem 
when invalidating VMHUBs.

This register itself isn't deprecated, the wording in a patch fixing things is 
just a bit unclear.

Question is is that register still accessed regularly or is it value cached 
after startup?


Am 07.03.2018 um 15:25 schrieb Mao, David:

We requires base driver to provide the mask of disabled RB.

This is why kernel read the CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE to collect the harvest 

Where did you get to know that the register is deprecated?

I think it should still be there.

Best Regards,


On Mar 7, 2018, at 9:49 PM, Liu, Monk 
<monk....@amd.com<mailto:monk....@amd.com>> wrote:

+ UMD guys

Hi David

Do you know if GC_USER_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE is still exist for gfx9/vega10 ?

We found CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE was deprecated but looks it is still in use in 
kmd, so

I want to check with you both of above registers



From: amd-gfx [mailto:amd-gfx-boun...@lists.freedesktop.org] On Behalf Of 
Christian K?nig
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Subject: Re: deprecated register issues

Hi Monk,

I honestly don't have the slightest idea why we are still accessing 
CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE. Maybe it still contains some useful values?

Key point was that we needed to stop accessing it all the time to avoid 
triggering problems.


Am 07.03.2018 um 13:11 schrieb Liu, Monk:

Hi Christian

I remember you and AlexD mentioned that a handful registers are deprecated for 
greenland (gfx9)


do you know why we still have this routine ?

static u32

gfx_v9_0_get_rb_active_bitmap(struct amdgpu_device *adev)


    u32 data, mask;

    data = RREG32_SOC15(GC,


    data |= RREG32_SOC15(GC,




    mask = amdgpu_gfx_create_bitmask(adev->gfx.config.max_backends_per_se /


    return (~data) & mask;


see that it still read CC_RB_BACKEND_DISABLE



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