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>Subject: RE: [PATCH] drm/amdgpu/virtual_dce: Need to pin the fb's bo
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>>On 2018-12-21 9:45 a.m., Deng, Emily wrote:
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>>>> Subject: Re: [PATCH] drm/amdgpu/virtual_dce: Need to pin the fb's bo
>>>> On 2018-12-21 8:26 a.m., Emily Deng wrote:
>>>>> When the bo is used to set mode, the bo need to be pinned.
>>>> On second thought, why does the BO need to be pinned? When using the
>>>> display hardware, the BO needs to be pinned to prevent it from being
>>>> moved while the hardware is scanning out from it, but that shouldn't
>>>> be
>>necessary here.
>>> The pin here is used for scan out the buffer by remote display app.
>>I still don't understand why pinning is needed. What mechanism does the
>>remote display app use to access the BO contents?
>Sorry, I am not familiar with the remote display app. Maybe it will use drm 
>function to get the current crtc's fb's information, and get the content in 
>the fb's
>buffer object by mmap or translate the bo to an OpenGL texture for next
>rendering. Maybe don't need to pin the bo here, as the use has no different 
>other normal bos. So please ignore the patch, and will send another patch to
>remove the unpin the fb's bo code.
It seems to be hard to remove all the pin for virtual_dce, as it uses some 
common code in amdgpu_display.c.
So for code consistency, maybe still need to add the pin here.

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