Dear mr Haar,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


The report you refer to has been discontinued since August 2015. (see page


The successor based on new definitions, and methodology is at


I forward you message to the WMF Analytics Team who maintain these stats.


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Erik Zachte




From: Haar, Dirk [] 
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Hi Erik!


Would you mind to make a change on the OS report page?


I always wondered about values for Linux Mint in comparision to Ubuntu
there, and now found the reason in

Clem's blog entry here
<>  (see "Wikimedia


What you show as Linux Mint are only those version up to Mint 10.

Current version is 18, and since versio 11, the user agent you (or better
let's say "Wikimedia stats") evaluate

is shown as "Ubuntu". There should at least be a note at this line, other
distros may be concerned, too.

(Btw., that remembers older browser usage statistics, when websites couldn't
deal with Netscape Communicator

so that you'd had to switch the user agent to "Internet Explorer", shifting
the usage values complety.)


Best regards, 


Dirk Haar



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