Dear Analytics Mailing List,

Recently while querying pageviews of various pages, I discovered that
the page whose title is a single hyphen character (i.e. with the title
"-", with URL <>, which redirects to
<>) receives an unusually high
number of pageviews under the Pageview API. Taking October 2015 as an
example, the page received 5.4 million pageviews during that month
according to the API:

However, according the (which was still operational in the
same month), the page received only 1209 pageviews:

Looking at the tabulation of pageviews on Wikipedia Views, the increase
in pageviews for this page coincides with the change to the Pageview
API in July 2015:

As I understand, page titles must be URL-encoded before the query,
but the URL-encoding of "-" is itself.

I looked at the API documentation but did not see this behavior listed,
so I am wondering where these numbers are coming from.

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