On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 4:21 AM, Phoenix<phoenixsen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Aug 25, 4:41 pm, Xavier Ducrohet <x...@android.com> wrote:
>> I see that you have changed the location of the user folders (in S:
>> instead of C:)
> There are user folders on both S: and C:.  Only the Desktop and My
> Documents special folders are on S:.  Everything else (including App
> Data) is on C:.  [The documents are shared between operating systems
> on different partitions]
> Android (or Eclipse?) has been the only thing to use S:.
>> When the user location is not the default one, we have seen some cases
>> where windows reports the location of the user folder differently
>> depending on which API you use (the command line tool and Eclipse use
>> a Java API, while the emulator use a windows C++ API).
> That would explain why the command line tools and Eclipse could see
> my_avd just fine, but the emulator could not find it.
> But, shouldn't Android be set up to use HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH?  Standard
> environment variables.

I think there are difference on XP/Vista which makes using those hard
to use (back in the previous SDK we were using LOCALAPPDATA but we
ended up having the same problem).

What we use on java is the "user.home" property setup by the VM. Looks
like the Java VM thinks your home is in S:\...
I look again into these 2 env variables and see if they could be used.

> Also, a single line in the installation instructions could have
> prevented this confusion.  When Android can see the AVD from the
> command line and the Eclipse gui, but not from the emulator, and no
> explanation is given (especially on the first test project), it's ...
> disheartening.

I agree. We should at least have the emulator output a message saying
where it's looking for the AVD and how to fix the problem if it's not
where the AVDs are created.

> In any event, with the ANDROID_SDK_HOME variable set to the S:
> "home" (which is not the real home directory, that is on C:), the
> emulator now works.

Well we don't want to go and set a permanent env on your machine. I
guess we could but relying on existing standard env variables should
be better. I mean, what happens if the user removes it or change the
location of his/her home folder but doesn't update this?

In any case we do need to find a solution.

Xavier Ducrohet
Android Developer Tools Engineer
Google Inc.

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