> Now that wireless companies are moving to metered data plans, I would be
> very annoyed if I found that the initial install of an app required a
> network connection to download an undetermined amount of data. If anyone
> does this, they should make sure that they tell the user how much data
> is going to get downloaded. That way, if they are at the limit of their
> plan (Like the AT&T $15/mo + $15 per 250MB over the initial 250), they
> can defer the data download until they get somewhere with WiFi...

This really not an issue for my app. It needs the data to be
effective. So you download it in the apk file or the app downloads it
later, same effect on the data plan. My current objection is that I
have to store the data on the phone twice - once in the assets folder
and then again in the SQLite database.

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