But that assumes that people tag them accurately, so that they CAN be
found. That assumption is wildly optimistic: look at how many
meaningless variations of the non-descript tag 'android' there are in
Stack Overflow. I have yet to find a way to do a meaningful tag-based
search in Stack Overflow for an android issue. I doubt there is one.
That is why I am not impressed by Google's attempt to shuffle us off
into Stack Overflow.

Actually, that is only one reason. There are others, but this is the
main one.

On Aug 6, 5:07 pm, Greg Donald <gdon...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 3:52 PM, fadden <fad...@android.com> wrote:
> > I do a daily walk through stackoverflow for questions tagged with
> > "android".  Nobody will be searching based on esoteric tags.  I think
> > the point of restricting tag generation is to ensure that people *do*
> > find your question because it exists in a pool of other similar
> > questions that people are examining.
> I have a problem with linecache.  There's no tag for it.  I couldn't
> create one.  I did go ahead and choose other tags, ones not as
> relevant as the ONE I wanted.  But whatever.
> It's a stupid restriction.  1500 reputation before I can even properly
> tag my question?  I've developed sites that used tags plenty of times
> before.. it's just a join table, not a huge deal.  For them to act
> like tags are so important n00bs like me can't create one?  Fuck them
> and their 1500 reputation tags.
> I've never once got help from there.  I tried again today as a last
> resort.  I'm expecting nothing, as it's likely that's what I'll be
> getting.
> --
> Greg Donald
> destiney.com | gregdonald.com

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