*Full Stack Java Developer*

*Location: Houston, TX*

*Type: Contract Opportunity*

*Strong server side experience *

*Minimum of 10+ years in enterprise JavaEE development*

*Linkedin is Mandatory*

*Job Responsibilities:*

·         CSS3 responsive framework experience with systems like the

o   Bootstrap (preferred)

o     3

o   Less Framework (3 or 4)

o   Grid Systems

·         JavaScript MVC (Model-View-Controller) and MVVM
(Model-View-Viewmodel) frameworks like:

o   Implementing REST client calls

o   Best Practices and Industry Coding Standards (ECMAScript 5.1)

o   Experience in customizing COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) or Open
Source (if license requirements are met) components.

o   Creating custom components when COTS or Hybrid Components do not fit
the need of the requirements

·         Understanding on proper deployment procedures into web servers
like Apache Web Server.

·         Understanding of Typography style definitions for HTML elements.

·         Be able to implement solid decisions and implementations for
situations like:

o   Solutions for cases of browser incompatibility so the site displays
correctly in all browsers.

o   Creation of standard CSS classes which can be used to style advanced
components of the user interface.

·         JAX-WS 2.x

·         JAX-RS 2.x

·         EJB 3.x (3.0, 3.1, 3.2)

·         JPA 2.x

o   Understanding of query types

o   JPA configuration and optimization

·         JUnit 4

·         Understanding of Service Design Patterns.

·         Understanding of proper Exception Handling Patterns.

·         Experience with Glassfish/Payara and Wildfly application Servers.

·         Data / Entity Modeling.

·         UML Modeling.



Phone: +1 (904) 267-0727

E-mail: soumya.ran...@nlbservices.com

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