The 1.0r1 SDK unfortunately lacks the Settings panel, which is where
you enable "Unknown Sources" (Settings / Applications / Unknown
Sources) which allows applications to be installed from the web (click
on an .apk link).  The user is still prompted by the device before the
application is installed and presented the usual "these are the
permissions this application wants" confirmation.

Also, for developers, the Settings / Applications / Development / USB
Debugging option may be used to enable adb debugging via USB.  This
allows for installation of applications via the adb commandline tool
(adb install myapp.apk) as well as the usual application debug cycle
using the eclipse plugin or DDMS.

To summarize:
- The T-Mobile G1 device can install apps from the web or via USB with
the appropriate settings enabled
- The 1.0r1 SDK lacks the ability to install apps from the web due to
an oversight that will be corrected in a later version


On Sep 26, 1:23 am, blindfold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The T-Mobile G1 manual at the URL
> reads
> > Install contents
> > 1. On the Home screen, touch the Application button.
> > 2. Touch Market.
> > 3. Navigate to and select the item you want to install.
> > The Item details screen appears. Read more about the item on this screen,
> > including its overall rating and comments by users. If you scroll down to
> > the About the developer section, you can view more applications by this
> > developer or send the developer an e-mail message.
> > 4. Touch Install (if free) or Buy.
> > - After selecting Install, the item will start downloading immediately.
> > - After selecting Buy, you may be asked to sign in to an additional
> > Google account. Sign in and select Purchase now if you want to proceed.
> > Step through the purchase screens.
> > Important! If an application requires either access to any of your data or 
> > control
> > of any functions on your phone, before you proceed, you will see a screen 
> > telling
> > you what the application can access so you can give your permission. Be 
> > sure to
> > read this carefully! Be especially cautious if an application has access to 
> > many
> > functions or a significant amount of your data. Once you touch OK on this 
> > screen,
> > you will be responsible for the results of using this item on your phone.
> > All support for Market applications is provided by the developer of that
> > application. The developer information is available on the detail page for 
> > each
> > application.
> Alternative means of installation are not listed in the manual. Does
> this mean that website owners will not be able to let T-Mobile G1
> owners install Android applications directly from their own website,
> and are entirely dependent on T-Mobile Market or Android Market to
> serve their customers? With J2ME this restriction generally does not
> apply, and phone owner can just install JAR program files from any
> website they trust. The scary outlook would imply full control to
> block application distribution at the discretion of T-Mobile and
> Google. This complete blocking ability in the critical path of third-
> party application deployment would not exactly match my interpretation
> of "open". What do other developers think?
> In my testing with the SDK 1.0 r1 emulator I indeed found that I could
> not install my own APK application file through the emulator browser,
> getting the error message "Install blocked. For security, your phone
> is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android
> Market". My APK file is signed, and has the proper MIME type for
> downloading, and it installs without problems (also on other PCs) when
> using adb install myapp.apk instead of going via the emulator browser.
> Thanks

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