Hello, I am in the middle of a port of Android 6.0.1_R10 to a new hardware, 
and since I don't have a physical board yet I am using the emulator to test 
some features. One of them is sending some commands through a UART to an 
external chip (a bluetooth radio). I have the chip wired to the host PC 
through an FTDI converter. I can see it in the host computer as 
/dev/ttyUSB0, and I was able to send it commands using some linux tools so 
I know it works ok. Now I am trying to see the ttyUSB0 in the android 
emulator, according to the documentation starting the emulator with:

emulator -selinux disabled -qemu -serial /dev/ttyUSB0

I should be able to see /dev/ttyS2 in android that will be linked to my 
FTDI in the host computer, but I am unable to see anything.

I changed /dev/ttyUSB0 ownership to my user and also granted read, write 
and execution permissions to all groups.

I tried compiling for "aosp_x86_64-eng" and "mini_emulator_x86" both with 
the same results. As I said I am using android 6.0.1_R10 just downloaded 
from source.android without any changes.

I read some older threads and sites with people claiming this works, but 
always with older versions of android, and it was never clear if they 
changed something else in the code besides adding the qemu serial option to 
the emulator. 
Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

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