On 12/21/15 09:45, Gibson Justian wrote:
> gibson@debian:~/sources/meta-beagleboard/contrib/bone-flash-tool$
> ./emmc-prepare.sh
> ls: cannot access
> /deploy/glibc/images/beaglebone/Angstrom-systemd-GNOME-image-glibc-ipk-v2015.06-beaglebone.rootfs.tar.xz:
> No such file or directory

Well... that looks like a pretty serious problem: the script can't find
your build artifact.

> ./emmc-prepare.sh: 36: ./emmc-prepare.sh: kpartx: not found

...and here you're missing the "kpartx" application on your system.
You'll need to figure out how to install that on your host.

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