*I'm relatively new to Angular so forgive me if this question is naive.*

I have a table consisting of 1 to 1000 entries in a table.  It was 
generated with *ng-repeat.  *One of the fields is a boolean flag indicating 
which item is "Live".

Imagine that there are 25 items.  Initially Item #5 is Live.  When the page 
first loads, it shows that #5 is Live.

Now imagine that the user sets #17 to be Live.  This is done by clicking on 
the row in question and pressing a button.  While the boolean flag is 
definitely changed correctly in the background, the page is not 
automatically updated - ie. "Live" disappearing from #5 and appearing in 
#17.  If the page is refreshed then the update is definitely there.

The original developer solved the problem by simply repopulating the table 
but this seems like overkill and doing things in a very non-Angular way.

So my question is simple: Given that such a Boolean field value changes 
when the user presses a button, how can the "Live" value be dynamically 


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