You can use Angular CLI tool to create bundles and then include these 
bundles from your page.  See CLI command ng build -prod.


On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 2:53:33 PM UTC-5, Patrick Caillouet wrote:
> I'm a noob to Angular2, Node, NPM, Git but not Html/css/JS.
> I was able to setup Node, NPM and use git to clone the quickstart project 
> for Angular2... then go through the process of the "Hero Editor" tutorial. 
> One HUGE thing I think that was left out of the tutorial is... how to 
> actually USE what your built... Like, put it online, these seems to me like 
> something people would probably want to know, because if not... whats the 
> purpose?
> If I take all the files for the project and put it on the web... (yes the 
> what seems like hundreds and hundreds of files for this simple app).... it 
> doesn't work ( like i know it shouldn't). I KNOW angular2 is suppose to 
> compile somehow and combine all the .ts .map. js files into a bundle 
> somehow.
> So my question is... How do I actually build my "Hero Editor" demo app? 
> How do I combine all the files and compile it into the bundle files?

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