ia have definied in my angular application some state, main and home state.
But in dont able to view home state.
in my app.module i have :

                .state('main', {
                    url: '/',
                    abstract: true,
                    views: {
                        'base': {
                            templateUrl: '/app/main.view.html',
                            controller: 'MainController',
                            controllerAs: 'vm'
                }).state('home', {
                    url: 'home',
                    abstract: false,
                    views: {
                        'content': {
                            templateUrl: 'app/home.view.html',
                            controller: 'HomeController',
                            controllerAs: 'vm'

at start of my home.controller.js ha have set a breakpoint but this is not 
never fired. 
i'm very beginner to angular , can someone help me?

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