We are in charge of a new courious and interesting development and our 
clients want to use Angularjs 1.X. But with a somewhat special structure.

In the same Web site We must create three webs that are really independent 
of each other.
This is because this Web application is going to be embedded inside a 
hardware, which We do not yet know what is it, but it runs a Web server 

So far, for Us, it's all a normal Web server.

1) First of the developments would be a normal administration Web site, 
list, create or delete of LOGINS users. 
Our website only sends REST calls to an internal hardware service that 
manages its own user table.

2) Second development is a simple page with login form that only sends a 
REST data in that form to an internal hardware service and receives an OK 
or a KO according to the correct login. And in case of correct login, this 
Web show a text of OK but stay open in the browser and sending specific 
requests type REST to the internal hardware. The idea is, this page allways 
try to inform teh user that the session was opened correctly during the 
login and this session is in the internal hardware and that is because stay 
open sending requests.

3)The third application is a Web that opens it shows a series of data that 
the hardware sends you by REST type queries from this page to the internal 
hardware. This development would present pages with data, among which it is 
navigated and will make REST requests to the hardware.
This data query communication is only allowed by the internal hardware if 
the user has previously logged into the previous development page 2 and it 
remains open. Otherwise the hardware will not send REST data for security.

To answer our doubt, everything else and why this three separations in 
three development does not matter. Just keep in mind that there are 3 
separate web applications. The Web browser will be one inside that hardware 
but even so we will not consider it now.

We ask for help in the form of a brainstorm on how to use Angularjs in this 
development in the easiest way and siemrpe only thinking that we only do 
the front-end, REST communication structures will be given to us and will 
be JSON type.

Our idea, in a first look,  is that each of these three development is a 
tipical SPA page (single page angularjs). And each one works independently.

In the JS folder we create a common folder for all common Angularjs 
libraries and then three folders, one for each development, which will 
contain the specific filters, controllers and tipical initialization app.js 
for every Web. And three VIEWS folders each with html includes of each Web 

Keep in mind that each development are a page open in each tab of the 
browser, so if we needed to communicate each development with the other, we 
had planned to do it with LOCALSTORAGE.

It would be simple communications such as sharing whether on a Web page is 
LOGIN or not LOGIN or minimally share JSON type data, but very little.

Any other ideas about how to estructure the angular development? You think 
that our idea of ​​how to face development is well posed or possible 

We hope these approaches are interesting for others and to know more about 
the psularities of Angularjs

Sorry my English and thanks in advance. 

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