I recently tried to start and Angular tutirial and, after having ran the 
famous command:
  ng --ng4 angular-hello-world
I found myself with a new project having 23 118 files ! What's the point of 
such a project ? Who could reasonably use something like that ? I'm doing 
Java and Java EE since year but no project, as complex as it might be (and 
Java/Java EE projects might be really complex) don't have neither 1% of 
this number of files. How could an IDE like Eclipse (and not only) decently 
open and navigate into such a project ? Each time one saves a files the IDE 
is probably striggling during minutes !
I know, I'll be told that there are packagers, minifiers and other things 
who are supposed to improve this. Nevertheless, given that this command 
supposed, to be the first one to be used by anyone, proposes to the new 
commer a project with 23 thousands files, I assume that it's quite current 
that projects deal with tens of thosands of files, and even more. 
Are these guys who invented Angular serious ? How could one be serious 
while proposing such a thing which needs 23 thousands files just to say 
"Hello world !" ?

Kind regards,

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