Hi Nicolas,

I suspect you are counting the files in your node_modules folder.  I just 
checked a project of myself that's more as a hello-world, and I land on 79 
The things in node_modules are not really part of your application, it's 
more or less a runtime. (also, it houses the libraries you installed) 
Modify your editor to ignore that folder, and it should work fairly ok.

Also, this is not really an angular problem, but more of a modern 
Javascript issue. I have projects that don't use angular at all, that have 
a larger node_modules folder. It used to annoy the hell out of me, but I 
have come to peace with it. It's just the developers cost for modern 
tooling, the new way of building. It's a cost, but only one on my 
developer's machine, it doesn't have any influence on my deployed app.


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