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   Autonomic functions need a control plane to communicate, which
   depends on some addressing and routing.  This Autonomic Management
   and Control Plane should ideally be self-managing, and as independent
   as possible of configuration.  This document defines such a plane and
   calls it the "Autonomic Control Plane", with the primary use as a
   control plane for autonomic functions.  It also serves as a "virtual
   out of band channel" for OAM (Operations Administration and
   Management) communications over a network that is secure and reliable
   even when the network is not configured, or not misconfigured.

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The document contains these normative downward references.
See RFC 3967 for additional information: 
    draft-behringer-anima-autonomic-control-plane: An Autonomic Control Plane 
(None - )
    draft-carpenter-anima-ani-objectives: Technical Objective Formats for the 
Autonomic Network Infrastructure (None - )
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    draft-ietf-roll-applicability-template: ROLL Applicability Statement 
Template (None - IETF stream)
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