Hi Toerless,

thanks for this reminder about terminology in keyinfra.
I have made several attempts at explaining the authors the possible misunderstandings on terminology.
Let's hope your input helps.

I will look at your other comments later this week.


b)  Key infrastructure

There  is no definition/reference for this term.  Please describe on
first use and in terminology.  Is there a difference
between "key infrastructure" and  "keying material" ? If not, then
maybe remove one term otherwise pls. describe difference.

c) (terminology) MASA definition: "A third-party Manufacturer...". Why
"third-party" ?
who are the first two parties ? If this is only slang and we can't
explain who the
first two parties are, delete "third-party" ?

d) "Domain Registrar" vs. "Join Registrar", JRC. Especially because
the text mostly
uses "Domain Registrar" and very seldom "Join Registar".

JRC is used in exactly three places in the draft. I also can not find
on www.google.com
or wikipedia any example of "The term JRC is used in common with other bootstrap
mechanisms" as the Terminology claims. Either provide a non-anima
reference for the
 use of that term or eliminate it in the document.

Suggest to use "(Domain Join) Registar (and Coordinator) in 1.2 and
say for example
that the text uses "Join Registrar" when referring to the mechanics of
building the
connection (Join Proxy and Join Registrar) and Domain Registrar when discussing
authentication and any other aspects of the registrar (where the
domain is relevant).

e) Voucher
   - misses ":" after term.
   - please change "statement" to "artifact" so the terminology aligns
with both voucher
     draft and voucher-request text which also uses artifact. See also
section 2.2
      where you use "cryptographically protected" instead of "signed"
and figure out
     which term you want to use in all cases (hint: signed).

f) IMPORTANT: Please add/define the term "ANI"

ANI - "Autonomic Network Infrastructure". Systems that support both BRSKI and Autonomic Control plane - ACP ([I-D.ietf-anima-autonomic-control-plane]). ANI systems (pledges, proxies, registrar) have specific requirements detailled in
  the document.

Without this term we can not nail down the explicit requirements against
  ANI Pledges, Proxies, Registrars that we need from the document (and
from requirements against any non-ANI adaptation of BRSKI). I added according
  comments into other parts of the doc.

g) Please replace "MASA server" with "MASA service" everywhere.

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