Brian E Carpenter <> wrote:
    >> Problem 1: 
    >> Response: " We assume that in a managed network that the JRC *can*
    >> know all the legitimate manufacturers." 

    >> May be!! But practically may not be possible. Manufacturers keep
    >> adding and also getting out of business. Tracking each MI is difficult. 

Also, the MI may be tracked in the NOC: it doesn't have to happen in the
field.  Once a single MI is added, it is probably good.

How can we improve the text to make this clearer?

leaving this here:
    > alert is completely acceptable IMHO. In this case the device might have 
    > installed by a service technician thousands of kilometres away from the 
    > and if that technician did install a device from an unknown source, this
    > is exactly a case where the NOC should be alerted.

    > Brian

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