Anoop Kumar Pandey <> wrote:
    > Pledge verifying the
    > domain is anyway overrated.

So, I think you are saying that you do not subscribe to the problem statement.

    > Besides, it can also be done by verifying
    > the certificate of JRC during enrolment.

Please explain.
It would be great to simplify the protocol.

    > I would also like to quote/remind following lines from Section 1.3
    > [Scope of Solution] of the RFC:

    > “But this solution is not exclusive to the large, it is intended to
    > scale to thousands of devices located in hostile environments, such as
    > ISP provided CPE devices which are drop-shipped to the end user. The
    > situation where an order is fulfilled from distributed warehouse from
    > a common stock and shipped directly to the target location at the
    > request of the domain owner is explicitly supported. That stock
    > ("SKU") could be provided to a number of potential domain owners, and
    > the eventual domain owner will not know a-priori which device will go
    > to which location.”

Yes, it's designed exactly to deal with situation.
Are you saying that it fails in some way?

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