I have pushed -26 to the datatracker.

I believe that this addresses all IESG comments received, as well as the 
comments from Christian's second review.  In particular, I added a paragraph
to the intro as he suggested, as well as adding section 7.4.3, which is
now referenced by section 10.6 ("meddling").

As previously indicated, when I fixed the wrap issue in the examples between
-23 and -24, this resulted in a very unreadably wide diff.  I posted -23 as
having only that fix, so compare -26 to -24 if you want to see everything
since your review.
Here is a link to help:

The new text is pending proof-reading by myself and others, but as you may
know, it is impossible to catch small errors in this text.

Will Randy be happy? I hope so :-)

This is has been a very long effort for me and my co-authors, about 75 hours
of effort, occupying most of my brain for a month.  If substantive are
still needed, they won't occur until mid-September.

There is still perhaps the somewhat "minor" issue of whether we should have a
registry created for the /.well-known/est. It feels like overkill to me.
I'm not sure if my instructions clearly say to add "see also " to the related
information. I reviewed some of the documents referenced under "related 
and I did not see any instructions in them.

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