RFC-editor, the diffs against XML (v3) for this document can be found at:

WG: I have posted these changes to the github, and I could post the XML as
-42 if told to, but I don't want to confuse anyone.

There are a four missing trailing periods fixed, btw.
There is some change in the reference file for ietf-netconf-keystore, which I 
is the result of a bug in the reference.foobar files (out of my
control). See the line 5736 diff.
I don't think the reference file should have that <t>, but I think the
XML->TXT throws that out, but the XML is authoritative now...

Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpen...@gmail.com> wrote:
    > Again thanks to Michael Richardson, here are some important nits in the
    > GRASP examples in the BRSKI draft. The CDDL syntax is correct, but the
    > examples need to be corrected as below. The errors are in nesting
    > levels within the flood message, just two pairs of missing [].

I have updated the github and the generated XML (these examples were split
off into mostly easily maintained files).

tom petch <daedu...@btconnect.com> wrote:
    > I note that part of the formal specification is in CDDL and while other
    > DDL - ASN.1, SMI, YANG - are bracketed with CODE BEGINS CODE ENDS - the
    > CDDL is not. I suspect that it should be - perhaps a note to the RFC
    > Editor is called for.

This mechanism is a homebrew insert-figures routine, and it didn't consider
CDDL.  I have renamed the files to .cddl, and adjusted the insert-figures.

    > In the Security Considerations I encounter MTIM which I suspect should
    > be MITM (and which needs expanding on first use in s.5).

    > In the YANG module, I see two references in square brackets which
    > suggests that they are in XML/HTML and not plain text whereas there is
    > a requirement for YANG modules to be in plain text so that they can be
    > extracted from the RFC.

If you are looking at the HTML-ized tools-version of the document, then it
expands all sorts of things.  All of the YANG is text as far as I can see.

Michael Richardson <mcr+i...@sandelman.ca>, Sandelman Software Works
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