hi Michael,

i suggest that you install fltk from macports. http://www.macports.org/
as far as i know chris built the xcode project based on that.


> Hi -I'm trying to build Animata with XCode - but it's complaining about not
> being able to find the FL/Fl.H (etc...) header files. I don't really use
> XCode much, so I'm not sure what the best way is to add the fltk library.
> I downloaded the latest fltk, did all the ./configure, make, sudo make
> install bits, and updated the the libfltk.a, libfltk_gl.a and
> libfltk_images.a references to point to the right places. I can see all the
> headers in the original download but what does XCode want me to do with
> them? I'm sure I just have to do the right drag-and-drop... :)
> Michael Forrest
> grimaceworks.com
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