i cant find the way to control animata (in windows) in any other way than
marking a joint and pulling it. it seems to not be a part of the version i
am using.
there is no clear help on if i should use linux instead and then compile
some (again unknown) version i cant seem to find.

i have been using ubuntu for quite a while but this simply lacks information
so please help me.
it all seems very frustrating at thios moment as ive seen all kind of nice
tools to send data in osc format to animata, but there is no information on
how to merge that data into animata. and the videos feature a button in the
skeleton menu which i havent got ( a  button saying something about osc)

please help me getting started with this amazing tool!

Kind regards
Johannes Gårdsted Jørgensen
http://ibeams.org - my site
http://tinyurl.com/yjhdycp - google profile
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