I´m interested in these patches. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for sharing this

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Hi All,

I finally got down to writing ans getting all my patches together... although 
they dont look like much i had a lot of organising to do.

Find attached the patches for Animata to work with EyesWeb+MaxMSP

I don't think the Animata mailing list stores attachments so all those who need 
the patches mailed to them personally reply to this thread.

If the EyesWeb patch attached doesnt not work well with the latest version of 
EyesWeb I suggest uninstalling your current EyesWeb version 


1. Uninstall all previous versions of EyesWeb and start with a clean Install of 
the EyesWeb Legacy setup
2. then The EyesWeb Ver.3 &amp; Ver.4 addons setup
3. then the current version of EyesWeb.
(If you cant find any of these versions, mail me and I'll try and upload them 
somewhere for u to download)


Ok Now we're good to go

For my Animata setup I use 
1. A PC for EyesWeb and then for MaxMSP to capture OSC data
2. A Mac to recieve the OSC data from the PC and then finally Animata


PC Patches
1. "oscmanLive.eywx" - This patch should work perfectly if you've installed all 
previous versions of EyesWeb. Make sure your camera is on &amp; running before 
u start this patch. Make sure Windows has detected your camera. (I use a 
firewire port for an external camera. I havent tried an inbuilt cam or a 
webcam). Press play and wallah!!2. "UDP Receive.maxpat" - this is a basic 
MaxMSP patch for stealing OSC data from EyesWeb. Make sure you change the IP 
address in the "updsend" object box which is now Change this to 
the IP address of your Mac where you are going to run Animata from. 7000 is the 
port. You can leave it as it is.

You should see numbers fluctuating which means the patch is capturing OSCs from 


MAC Patches
1."OSC_Receive Animata.maxpat" This patch receives the OSC data from the "UDP 
Receive.maxpat" on the PC. Once you see numbers fluctuating you know alls 
working well. Make sure the gate is unchecked if u dont see anything moving. 
Below u will see a series of bpatchers with names like "head' , "hd1rt", 
These are the names of the joints... 
Find attached Animata_Joints.jpg to see how I've named the joints. 
hd = Hand
lg = Leg
rt= Right
lt  = Left
After  you've named the joints as in the jpg, lastly on your projector settings 
you will have to flip the image so that your movements corresponds with your 
projected Animata character. 
If your projector doesnt have a flip option or you don't wish to go through the 
pain of flipping ur image just flip the names of the joints in Animata and 
interchange them. i.e. name all the joints on the right of your screen are 
"hd1rt" etc. and the ones on the left with "hd1lt" etc.

2. "OSC_Scalar.maxpat" - this is a patch that "OSC_Receive Animata.maxpat" 
refers to for the pictslider. Make sure this is in the same folder as the main 


Well thats about all there is to it. 
It should work fine if you've gone through all these steps.

Once again thanks to the KitchenBudapest team for sharing their  patches with 
me and also a big thank you to Jan Klug my teacher at the Frank Mohr Instituut.

If anyone has any more questions feel free to write to me and share your 
videos. I'm curious to see them,

Warm regards from COLD COLD HOLLAND!!

Ph.: +31611334896
"The Biggest factor that makes you a saint is the amount of press coverage you 
get." - Tender Branson

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