> how do the characters walk alone?

The only way to automate animation in Animata is by adjusting the  
tempo slider in the skeleton tab when you have a bone selected. This  
basically is an LFO that goes between the min and max values of the  
bone. Look at the examples that come with Animata for some typical  
ways to use the LFO and "control bones".

The other (more advanced) way to animate is to use OSC messages to  
control the joints, bones and layers.

> how do I export the movie?

You don't. There is no export in Animata. It is mainly intended for  
real-time use. However, I have used screen capturing software (such as  
Snapz Pro X) to successfully record animations from Animata with good  

> how do I interact with the camera? (I have a mac)

There is a Camera tab on Animata, but there are no controls for it.  
The way to simulate camera movements is to move the top-most layer  
around, which is basically the same as moving a camera around.

On a mac, the easiest way to move the camera (or actually layers)  
externally is with Quartz Composer using a plugin I made that you can  
download here: http://mansteri.com/software/. Let me know if you have  
any specific questions about that. I've actually had a version of the  
plugin laying around that also moves the layers in the z-axis, but I  
haven't uploaded it to my server. I'll try to do it this week. Just  
need to check a couple of things.


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> hello
> I'm experiencing animata first
> I have done the tutorials
> but I can not give autonomy to my animations
> how do the characters walk alone?
> how do I export the movie?
> how do I interact with the camera? (I have a mac)
> tiago
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