Hi all!

For the past week, I've been writing a simple timeline/keyframe-based
animation controller for Animata, called OSCimator.  I just released
an alpha version, and I wanted to make it known to this list, in case
it might be useful/interesting to anyone else.  The GUI is fairly
rudimentary, but it can create/playback/edit/delete a timeline of
keyframes for any parameter for which Animata provides OSC control.

OSCimator is written in Ruby, and it uses the ruby-osc library to
interface with Animata, and wxRuby for the GUI.  Installation
instructions for these dependencies (under Ubuntu GNU/Linux) are in
the README file inside the release tarball.  If you are able to
install these 3 things under Windows or MacOS X, you should be able to
run OSCimator without any problem.

Again, it's fairly basic right now, and the code is quite messy in
certain places, but it may be functional enough to be useful for some
purposes.  The project page is at:



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