This sounds exciting! Awesome Benji. I don't know when I'll be able to 
make time to check it out but i'm happy to hear you've worked on it. 
Thanks for working on it. 

Alpay Kasal
twitter: @alpaykasal

On Wed, 14 Sep 2011 00:00:25 -0500, Benji Flaming  wrote:
Hi all!
> For the past week, I've been writing a simple timeline/keyframe-based
> animation controller for Animata, called OSCimator.  I just released
> an alpha version, and I wanted to make it known to this list, in case
> it might be useful/interesting to anyone else.  The GUI is fairly
> rudimentary, but it can create/playback/edit/delete a timeline of
> keyframes for any parameter for which Animata provides OSC control. 
> OSCimator is written in Ruby, and it uses the ruby-osc library to
> interface with Animata, and wxRuby for the GUI.  Installation
> instructions for these dependencies (under Ubuntu GNU/Linux) are in
> the README file inside the release tarball.  If you are able to
> install these 3 things under Windows or MacOS X, you should be able to
> run OSCimator without any problem. 
> Again, it's fairly basic right now, and the code is quite messy in
> certain places, but it may be functional enough to be useful for some
> purposes.  The project page is at:
> Regards!
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> |)enji
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