The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 

This is a bug-fix release driven by two issues in the v1.7.0 release. 

- Add a distance-based mapping component to find the socket "closest"
  to the PCI bus.
- Added Location Aware Mapping Algorithm (LAMA) mapping component.
- Fix an error that caused epoll to automatically be disabled
  in libevent.
- Upgrade hwloc to 1.5.2.
- *Really* fixed XRC compile issue in Open Fabrics support.
- Fixed parallel debugger ability to attach to MPI jobs.
- Fix MXM connection establishment flow.
- Fixed some minor memory leaks.
- Fixed datatype corruption issue when combining datatypes of specific
- Fixes for MPI_STATUS handling in corner cases.
- Major VampirTrace update to
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix to set flag==1 when MPI_IPROBE is called with MPI_PROC_NULL.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Set the Intel Phi device to be ignored by default by the openib BTL.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Decrease the internal memory storage used by intrinsic MPI datatypes
  for Fortran types.  Thanks to Takahiro Kawashima for the initial
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix total registered memory calculation for Mellanox ConnectIB and
  OFED 2.0.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix possible data corruption in the MXM MTL component.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Remove extraneous -L from hwloc's embedding.  Thanks to Stefan
  Friedel for reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix contiguous datatype memory check.  Thanks to Eric Chamberland
  for reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Make the openib BTL more friendly to ignoring verbs devices that are
  not RC-capable.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix some MPI datatype engine issues.  Thanks to Thomas Jahns for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Add INI information for Chelsio T5 device.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Integrate MXM STREAM support for MPI_ISEND and MPI_IRECV, and other
  minor MXM fixes.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)
- Fix to not show amorphous "MPI was already finalized" error when
  failing to MPI_File_close an open file.  Thanks to Brian Smith for
  reporting the issue.
  (** also appeared: 1.6.5)

Jeff Squyres
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