The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 
1.7.3. As usual, the release is available from the OpenMPI web site:

This is a joint bug-fix and feature release within the 1.7 feature release 

- Make CUDA-aware support dynamically load so CUDA-aware
  MPI library can run on systems without CUDA software.
- Fix various issues with dynamic processes and intercommunicator
  operations under Torque.  Thanks to Suraj Prabhakaran for reporting
  the problem.
- Enable support for the Mellanox MXM2 library by default.
- Improve support for Portals 4.
- Various Solaris fixes.  Many thanks to Siegmar Gross for his
  incredible patience in reporting all the issues.
- MPI-2.2: Add reduction support for MPI_C_*COMPLEX and MPI::*COMPLEX.
- Fixed internal accounting when openpty() fails.  Thanks to Michal
  Peclo for reporting the issue and providing a patch.
- Fixed too-large memory consumption in XRC mode of the openib BTL.
  Thanks to Alexey Ryzhikh for the patch.
- Add bozo check for negative np values to mpirun to prevent a
  deadlock.  Thanks to Upinder Malhi for identifying the issue.
- Fixed MPI_IS_THREAD_MAIN behavior.  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for
  pointing out the problem.
- Various rankfile fixes.
- Fix functionality over iWARP devices.
- Various memory and performance optimizations and tweaks.
- Fix MPI_Cancel issue identified by Fujitsu.
- Add missing support for MPI_Get_address in the "use mpi" TKR
  implementation.  Thanks to Hugo Gagnon for identifying the issue.
- MPI-3: Add support for MPI_Count.
- MPI-2.2: Add missing MPI_IN_PLACE support for MPI_ALLTOALL.
- Added new usnic BTL to support the Cisco usNIC device.
- Minor VampirTrace update to
- Removed support for ancient OS X systems (i.e., prior to 10.5).
- Fixed obscure packing/unpacking datatype bug.  Thanks to Takahiro
  Kawashima for identifying the issue.
- Add run-time support for PMI2 environments.
- Update openib BTL default parameters to include support for Mellanox
  ConnectX3-Pro devices.
- Update libevent to v2.0.21.
- "ompi_info --param TYPE PLUGIN" now only shows a small number of MCA
  parameters by default.  Add "--level 9" or "--all" to see *all* MCA
  parameters.  See README for more details.
- Add support for asynchronous CUDA-aware copies.
- Add support for Mellanox MPI collective operation offload via the
  "hcoll" library.
- MPI-3: Add support for the MPI_T interface.  Open MPI's MCA
  parameters are now accessible via the MPI_T control variable
  interface.  Support has been added for a small number of MPI_T
  performance variables.
- Add Gentoo memory hooks override.  Thanks to Justin Bronder for the
- Added new "mindist" process mapper, allowing placement of processes
  via PCI locality information reported by the BIOS.
- MPI-2.2: Add support for MPI_Dist_graph functionality.

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