I'm sure everyone reading this email will be in Denver at SC'13 next week 
(http://sc13.supercomputing.org/).  Right?  Of course!

Many of us from the Open MPI community will be there, and we'd love to chat 
with real, honest-to-goodness users, admins, and developers who are using Open 
MPI.  Come say hi!  You can generally find me in one of two places:

- Dave Goodell and I will be hanging around the Cisco booth (#2535).  
- George Bosilca and I will be hosting hosting the Open MPI "State of the 
Union" BOF on Tuesday 12:15-1:15pm in rooms 301-302-303.

For the BOF, this year we're doing something a little different.  We'd like to 
ask for your suggestions for topics and your specific questions *before the 


Every year, the SC program committee pesters us to have an interactive BOF.  
But we find that that doesn't work well in a large room with many attendees.  
So we thought we'd try a "get questions ahead of time" approach and see how 
that works.  We'll use your feedback to guide what we present at the BOF.

You can assume that we'll present the normal "current status" and "future 
roadmap" kind of information.  Use the web form to suggest something specific 
you'd like to see in either of those general topics, or if you have a specific 
question you'd like us to answer.

See you in Denver!

Jeff Squyres
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