he Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and industry 
partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.8.2:


- Fix auto-wireup of OOB, allowing ORTE to automatically
  test all available NICs
- "Un-deprecate" pernode, npernode, and npersocket options
  by popular demand
- Add missing Fortran bindings for MPI_WIN_LOCK_ALL,
- Fix cascading/over-quoting in some cases with the rsh/ssh-based
  launcher.  Thanks to multiple users for raising the issue.
- Properly add support for gfortran 4.9 ignore TKR pragma (it was
  erroneously only partially added in v1.7.5).  Thanks to Marcus
  Daniels for raising the issue.
- Update/improve help messages in the usnic BTL.
- Resolve a race condition in MPI_Abort.
- Fix obscure cases where static linking from wrapper compilers would
- Clarify the configure --help message about when OpenSHMEM is
  enabled/disabled by default.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for the
- Align pages properly where relevant.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for
  identifying the issue.
- Various compiler warning and minor fixes for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and
  Solaris/SPARC.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for the patches.
- Properly pass function pointers from Fortran to C in the mpi_f08
  module, thereby now supporting gfortran 4.9.  Thanks to Tobias
  Burnus for assistance and testing with this issue.
- Improve support for Cray CLE 5.
- Fix mpirun regression: ensure exit status is non-zero if mpirun is
  terminated due to signal.
- Improved CUDA efficiency of asynchronous copies.
- Fix to parameter type in MPI_Type_indexed.3.  Thanks to Bastian
  Beischer for reporting the mistake.
- Fix NUMA distance calculations in the openib BTL.
- Decrease time required to shut down mpirun at the end of a job.
- More RMA fixes.
- More hostfile fixes from Tetsuya Mishima.
- Fix darray issue where UB was not computed correctly.
- Fix mpi_f08 parameter name for MPI_GET_LIBRARY_VERSION.  Thanks to
  Junchao Zhang for pointing out the issue.
- Ensure mpirun aborts properly when unable to map processes in
  scheduled environments.
- Ensure that MPI RMA error codes show up properly.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the issue.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements to the bash and zsh mpirun
  autocompletion scripts.
- Fix sequential mpirun process mapper.  Thanks to Bill Chen for
  reporting the issue.
- Correct SLURM stdout/stderr redirection.
- Added missing portals 4 files.
- Performance improvements for blocking sends and receives.
- Lots of cleanup to the ml collective component
- Added new Java methods to provide full MPI coverage
- Many OSHMEM cleanups
- Prevent comm_spawn from automatically launching a VM across
  all available nodes
- Close many memory leaks to achieve valgrind-clean operation
- Better handling of TCP connection discovery for mismatched networks
  where we don't have a direct 1:1 subnet match between nodes
- Prevent segfault when OMPI info tools are used in pipes and user
  exits one step of that pipe before completing output

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