The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.8.3.

v1.8.3 is a bug fix release.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to v1.8.3 
when possible. 

Version 1.8.3 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors  (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.8.3 as compared to v1.8.2:

- Fixed application abort bug to ensure that MPI_Abort exits appropriately
  and returns the provided exit status
- Fixed some alignment (not all) issues identified by Clang
- Allow CUDA-aware to work with nonblocking collectives. Forces packing to
  happen when using GPU buffers.
- Fixed configure test issue with Intel 2015 Fortran compiler
- Fixed some PGI-related errors
- Provide better help message when encountering a firewall
- Fixed MCA parameter quoting to protect multi-word params and params
  that contain special characters
- Improved the bind-to help message to clarify the defaults
- Add new MPI-3.1 tools interface
- Several performance optimizations and memory leak cleanups
- Turn off the coll/ml plugin unless specifically requested as it
  remains in an experimental state
- Fix LSF support by adding required libraries for the latest LSF
  releases.  Thanks to Joshua Randal for supplying the initial

Jeff Squyres
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