The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.8.4.

v1.8.4 is a bug fix release.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to v1.8.4 
when possible. 

Version 1.8.4 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors  (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.8.4 as compared to v1.8.3:

- Fix MPI_SIZEOF; now available in mpif.h for modern Fortran compilers
  (see README for more details).  Also fixed various compiler/linker
- Fixed inadvertant Fortran ABI break between v1.8.1 and v1.8.2 in the
  mpi interface module when compiled with gfortran >= v4.9.
- Fix various MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE issues in the TCP BTL.
- mpirun no longer requires the --hetero-nodes switch; it will
  automatically detect when running in heterogeneous scenarios.
- Update LSF support, to include revamped affinity functionality.
- Update embedded hwloc to v1.9.1.
- Fixed max registerable memory computation in the openib BTL.
- Updated error message when debuggers are unable to find various
  symbols/types to be more clear.  Thanks to Dave Love for raising the
- Added proper support for LSF and PBS/Torque libraries in static builds.
- Rankfiles now support physical processor IDs.
- Fixed potential hang in MPI_ABORT.
- Fixed problems with the PSM MTL and "re-connect" scenarios, such as
- Fix MPI_IREDUCE_SCATTER with a single process.
- Fix (rare) race condition in stdout/stderr funneling to mpirun where
  some trailing output could get lost when a process terminated.
- Removed inadvertent change that set --enable-mpi-thread-multiple "on"
  by default, thus impacting performance for non-threaded apps.
- Significantly reduced startup time by optimizing internal hash table
- Fixed OS X linking with the Fortran mpi module when used with
  gfortran >= 4.9.  Thanks to Github user yafshar for raising the
- Fixed memory leak on Cygwin platforms.  Thanks for Marco Atzeri for
  reporting the issue.
- Fixed seg fault in neighborhood collectives when the degree of the
  topology is higher than the communicator size.  Thanks to Lisandro
  Dalcin for reporting the issue.
- Fixed segfault in neighborhood collectives under certain use-cases.
- Fixed various issues regarding Solaris support.  Thanks to Siegmar
  Gross for patiently identifying all the issues.
- Fixed PMI configure tests for certain Slurm installation patterns.
- Fixed param registration issue in Java bindings.  Thanks to Takahiro
  Kawashima and Siegmar Gross for identifying the issue.
- Several man page fixes.
- Silence several warnings and close some memory leaks (more remain,
  but it's better than it was).
- Re-enabled the use of CMA and knem in the shared memory BTL.
- Updated mpirun manpage to correctly explain new map/rank/binding options.
- Fixed MPI_IALLGATHER problem with intercommunicators.  Thanks for
  Takahiro Kawashima for the patch.
- Numerous updates and performance improvements to OpenSHMEM.
- Turned off message coalescing in the openib BTL until a proper fix
  for that capability can be provided (tentatively expected for 1.8.5)
- Fix a bug in iof output that dates back to the dinosaurs which would
  output extra bytes if the system was very heavily loaded
- Fix a bug where specifying mca_component_show_load_errors=0 could
  cause ompi_info to segfault
- Updated valgrind suppression file

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