The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.8.5.

v1.8.5 is a bug fix release.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to v1.8.4 
when possible. 

Version 1.8.5 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors  (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.8.5 as compared to v1.8.4:

- Fixed configure problems in some cases when using an external hwloc
  installation.  Thanks to Erick Schnetter for reporting the error and
  helping track down the source of the problem.
- Fixed linker error on OS X when using the clang compiler.  Thanks to
  Erick Schnetter for reporting the error and helping track down the
  source of the problem.
- Fixed MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE deadlock error in the vader BTL.  Thanks
  to Thomas Klimpel for reporting the issue.
- Fixed several Valgrind warnings.  Thanks for Lisandro Dalcin for
  contributing a patch fixing some one-sided code paths.
- Fixed version compatibility test in OOB that broke ABI within the
  1.8 series. NOTE: this will not resolve the problem between pre-1.8.5
  versions, but will fix it going forward.
- Fix some issues related to running on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.
- Opportunistically switch away from using GNU Libtool's libltdl
  library when possible (by default).
- Fix some VampirTrace errors.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for reporting
  the issues.
- Correct default binding patterns when --use-hwthread-cpus was
  specified and nprocs <= 2.
- Fix warnings about -finline-functions when compiling with clang.
- Updated the embedded hwloc with several bug fixes, including the
  "duplicate Lhwloc1 symbol" that multiple users reported on some
- Do not error when mpirun is invoked with with default bindings
  (i.e., no binding was specified), and one or more nodes do not
  support bindings.  Thanks to Annu Desari for pointing out the
- Let root invoke "mpirun --version" to check the version without
  printing the "Don't run as root!" warnings.  Thanks to Robert McLay
  for the suggestion.
- Fixed several bugs in OpenSHMEM support.
- Extended vader shared memory support to 32-bit architectures.
- Fix handling of very large datatypes.  Thanks to Bogdan Sataric for
  the bug report.
- Fixed a bug in handling subarray MPI datatypes, and a bug when using
  MPI_LB and MPI_UB.  Thanks to Gus Correa for pointing out the issue.
- Restore user-settable bandwidth and latency PML MCA variables.
- Multiple bug fixes for cleanup during MPI_FINALIZE in unusual
- Added support for TCP keepalive signals to ensure timely termination
  when sockets between daemons cannot be created (e.g., due to a
- Added MCA parameter to allow full use of a SLURM allocation when
  started from a tool (supports LLNL debugger).
- Fixed several bugs in the configure logic for PMI and hwloc.
- Fixed incorrect interface index in TCP communications setup.  Thanks
  to Mark Kettenis for spotting the problem and providing a patch.
- Fixed MPI_IREDUCE_SCATTER with single-process communicators when
  MPI_IN_PLACE was not used.
- Added XRC support for OFED v3.12 and higher.
- Various updates and bug fixes to the Mellanox hcoll collective
- Fix problems with Fortran compilers that did not support
  REAL*16/COMPLEX*32 types.  Thanks to Orion Poplawski for identifying
  the issue.
- Fixed problem with rpath/runpath support in pkg-config files.
  Thanks to Christoph Junghans for notifying us of the issue.
- Man page fixes:
  - Removed erroneous "color" discussion from MPI_COMM_SPLIT_TYPE.
    Thanks to Erick Schnetter for spotting the outdated text.
  - Fixed prototypes for MPI_IBARRIER.  Thanks to Maximilian for
    finding the issue.
  - Updated docs about buffer usage in non-blocking communications.
    Thanks to Alexander Pozdneev for citing the outdated text.
  - Added documentation about the 'ompi_unique' MPI_Info key with
  - Fixed typo in MPI_INTERCOMM_MERGE.  Thanks to Harald Servat for
    noticing and sending a patch.
  - Updated configure paths in HACKING.  Thanks to Maximilien Levesque
    for the fix.
  - Fixed Fortran typo in MPI_WIN_LOCK_ALL.  Thanks to Thomas Jahns
    for pointing out the issue.
- Fixed a number of MPI one-sided bugs.
- Fixed MPI_COMM_SPAWN when invoked from a singleton job.
- Fixed a number of minor issues with CUDA support, including
  registering of shared memory and supporting reduction support for
  GPU buffers.
- Improved support for building OMPI on Cray platforms.
- Fixed performance regression introduced by the inadvertent default
  enabling of MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE support.

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