I don't want to pester everyone with all of our release candidates for 1.10.1, 
so this will likely be the last general announcement on the users and 
announcement lists before we release 1.10.1 (final).

That being said, 1.10.1 rc2 is now available:


If/when we make further release candidates available, they will be available at 
the same URL.

Here's the changes since rc1: 

- Fix use of MPI_LB and MPI_UB in subarray and darray datatypes.
  Thanks to Gus Correa for pointing out the issue.
- Minor updates to mpi_show_mpi_alloc_mem_leaks and
  ompi_debug_show_handle_leaks functionality.
- When OpenSHMEM building is disabled, no longer install its header
  files, help files, or man pages.  Add man pages for oshrun, oshcc,
  and oshfort.
- Various updates to Mellanox's MXM, hcoll, and FCA components.

Jeff Squyres
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