Open MPI users --

We have just posted first release candidate for the upcoming v1.10.1 bug fix 
release.  We'd appreciate any testing and/or feedback that you may on this 
release candidate:

Thank you!

Changes since v1.10.0:

- Fix segv when invoking non-blocking reductions with a user-defined
  operation.  Thanks to Rupert Nash and Georg Geiser for identifying
  the issue.
- No longer probe for PCI topology on Solaris (unless running as root).
- Fix for Intel Parallel Studio 2016 ifort partial support of the
  !GCC$ pragma.  Thanks to Fabrice Roy for reporting the problem.
- Bunches of Coverity / static analysis fixes.
- Fixed ROMIO to look for lstat in <sys/stat.h>.  Thanks to William
  Throwe for submitting the patch both upstream and to Open MPI.
- Fixed minor memory leak when attempting to open plugins.
- Fixed type in MPI_IBARRIER C prototype.  Thanks to Harald Servat for
  reporting the issue.
- Add missing man pages for MPI_WIN_CREATE_DYNAMIC, MPI_WIN_ATTACH,
- When mpirun-launching new applications, only close file descriptors
  that are actually open (resulting in a faster launch in some
- Fix "test ==" issues in Open MPI's configure script.  Thank to Kevin
  Buckley for pointing out the issue.
- Fix performance issue in usnic BTL: ensure progress thread is
  throttled back to not aggressively steal CPU cycles.
- Fix cache line size detection on POWER architectures.
- Add missing #include in a few places.  Thanks to Orion Poplawski for
  supplying the patch.
- When OpenSHMEM building is disabled, no longer install its header
  files, help files, or man pages.
- Fix mpi_f08 implementations of MPI_COMM_SET_INFO, and profiling
- Add orte_rmaps_dist_device MCA param, allowing users to map near a
  specific device.
- Various updates/fixes to the openib BTL.
- Add missing defaults for the Mellanox ConnectX 3 card to the openib BTL.
- Minor bug fixes in the OFI MTL.
- Various updates to Mellanox's hcoll and FCA components.
- Add OpenSHMEM man pages.  Thanks to Tony Curtis for sharing the man
  pages files from
- Add missing "const" attributes to MPI_COMPARE_AND_SWAP,
  Thanks to Michael Knobloch and Takahiro Kawashima for bringing this
  to our attention.
- Fix linking issues on some platforms (e.g., SLES 12).
- Fix hang on some corner cases when MPI applications abort.

Jeff Squyres
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