Just in time for the holidays, the Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of 
research, academic, and industry partners, is pleased to announce the first 
release candidate of the upcoming v2.0.0 series: v2.0.0rc1.

The v2.x series is a new series which includes many new features and 
under-the-hood improvements.  Many of these features and improvements were 
discussed in the Open MPI SC'15 State of the Union BOF; the slides are 
available here:


Additionally, as the change in the first digit indicates, the v2.x series is 
not (binary) backwards compatible with the v1.10 series.  Specifically: MPI and 
OpenSHMEM applications will need to be recompiled against v2.0.0, and will need 
to use the v2.x "mpirun" and support libraries.  Slides 9-12 in the BOF slides 
(linked above) explain Open MPI's (relatively new) version numbering scheme.

We do not expect to release v2.0.0 until January at the earliest; we wanted to 
make some early release candidates available to the Open MPI user community to 
get some real-world testing, and to get feedback before the final release 
becomes available.

The v2.0.0 release candidate tarballs are available at the same location where 
the final release tarballs will be available:


Happy holidays!

Jeff Squyres
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