Hello folks

Don’t want your holiday to be too boring, so we are also making available the 
v1.10.2 release candidate for review. We won’t release until sometime in 
January, but hopefully some of you will have a chance to test it in the 
meantime. You’ll find it in the usual place:


This is a bug-fix release, but does include a couple of new features as well:


 *  OSHMEM is now 1.2 compliant

- Fix NBC_Copy for legitimate zero-size messages
- Fix multiple bugs in OSHMEM
- Correctly handle mpirun --host <user>@<ip-address>
- Centralize two MCA params to avoid duplication between OMPI and
  OSHMEM layers: opal_abort_delay and opal_abort_print_stack
- Add support for Fujitsu compilers
- Add UCX support for OMPI and OSHMEM
- Correctly handle oversubscription when not given directives
  to permit it
- Add Intel HFI1 default parameters for the openib BTL
- Resolve symbol conflicts in the PSM2 library
- Add ability to empty the rgpusm cache when full if requested
- Fix another libtool bug when -L requires a space between it
  and the path. Thanks to Eric Schnetter for the patch.
- Add support for OSHMEM v1.2 APIs
- Improve efficiency of oshmem_preconnect_all algorithm
- Fix bug in buffered sends support
- Multiple one-sided support fixes
- Fix integer overflow in the tuned "reduce" collective when
  using buffers larger than INT_MAX in size
- Performance improvements in PSM2 support
- Fix NBS iBarrier for inter-communicators
- Fix bug in vader BTL during finalize
- Improved configure support for Fortran compilers

All comments and suggestions are welcome

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