In anticipation of our forthcoming release candidate program while preparing for v1.0 (scheduled for release in early October), the Open MPI Project is pleased to announce the following:

- The Open MPI code base is now open to the public. Effective immediately, the Open MPI web site provides information on how to obtain anonymous, read-only checkouts of the Open MPI code base from our Subversion code repository. Nightly snapshot tarballs are also available.

- Open MPI includes native support for TCP, shared memory, Infiniband (both Open IB and mVAPI), and Myrinet (GM).

- The Open MPI web site has been augmented to include more information about the project, upcoming publications, and information about the code base. The content on the web site will continue to grow over time.

- The Open MPI "development" mailing list has been opened to the public. This list is the canonical place to ask questions about the code base, development efforts, and the internals of Open MPI. Information on how to subscribe is available on the Open MPI web site.

- Open MPI v1.0 is expected in the beginning of October, 2005.

- The Open MPI Team will be starting a formal beta / release-candidate program in the beginning of September, 2005 (approximately 1.5 weeks from now). Release candidate tarballs will be available for downloading and testing as a ramp-up to the v1.0 release.

{+} Jeff Squyres
{+} The Open MPI Project

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