The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 2.0.3.

v2.0.3 is a bug fix release that includes a variety of bug fixes and a few

performance fixes.  Users of the v2.0.x release stream are encouraged to

upgrade to v2.0.3 when possible.

Version 2.0.3 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site:


2.0.3 -- June 2017

Bug fixes/minor improvements:

 - Fix a problem with MPI_IALLTOALLW when zero size messages are present.
   Thanks to @mathbird for reporting.
 - Add missing MPI_USER_FUNCTION definition to the mpi_f08 module.
   Thanks to Nathan Weeks for reporting this issue.
 - Fix a problem with MPI_WIN_LOCK not returning an error code when
   a negative rank is supplied.  Thanks to Jeff Hammond for reporting and
   providing a fix.
 - Fix a problem with make check that could lead to hangs.  Thanks to
   Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin for reporting.
 - Resolve a symbol conflict problem with PMI-1 and PMI-2 PMIx components.
   Thanks to Kilian Cavalotti for reporting this issue.
 - Insure that memory allocations returned from MPI_WIN_ALLOCATE_SHARED are
   64 byte aligned.  Thanks to Joseph Schuchart for reporting this issue.
 - Make use of DOUBLE_COMPLEX, if available, for Fortran bindings.  Thanks
   to Alexander Klein for reporting this issue.
 - Add missing MPI_T_PVAR_SESSION_NULL definition to Open MPI mpi.h include
   file.  Thanks to Omri Mor for reporting and fixing.
 - Fix a problem with use of MPI shared file pointers when accessing
   a file from independent jobs.  Thanks to Nicolas Joly for reporting
   this issue.
 - Optimize zero size MPI_IALLTOALL{V,W} with MPI_IN_PLACE.  Thanks to
   Lisandro Dalcin for the report.
 - Fix a ROMIO buffer overflow problem for large transfers when using NFS
 - Fix type of MPI_ARGV[S]_NULL which prevented it from being used
   properly with MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE] in the mpi_f08 module.
 - Ensure to add proper linker flags to the wrapper compilers for
   dynamic libraries on platforms that need it (e.g., RHEL 7.3 and
 - Get better performance on TCP-based networks 10Gbps and higher by
   using OS defaults for buffer sizing.
 - Fix a bug with MPI_[R][GET_]ACCUMULATE when using DARRAY datatypes.
 - Fix handling of --with-lustre configure command line argument.
   Thanks to Prentice Bisbal and Tim Mattox for reporting the issue.
 - Added MPI_AINT_ADD and MPI_AINT_DIFF declarations to mpif.h.  Thanks
   to Aboorva Devarajan (@AboorvaDevarajan) for the bug report.
 - Fix a problem in the TCP BTL when Open MPI is initialized with
   MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE support.  Thanks to Evgueni Petro for analyzing and
   reporting this issue.
 - Fix yalla PML to properly handle underflow errors, and fixed a
   memory leak with blocking non-contiguous sends.
 - Restored ability to run on official distribution tarballs
   (although this is still not recommended for most users!).
 - Fix accuracy problems with MPI_WTIME on some systems by always using
   either clock_gettime(3) or gettimeofday(3).
 - Fix a problem where MPI_WTICK was not returning a higher time resolution
   when available.  Thanks to Mark Dixon for reporting this issue.
 - Restore SGE functionality.  Thanks to Kevin Buckley for the initial
 - Fix external hwloc compilation issues, and extend support to allow
   using external hwloc installations as far back as v1.5.0.  Thanks to
   Orion Poplawski for raising the issue.
 - Added latest Mellanox Connect-X and Chelsio T-6 adapter part IDs to
   the openib list of default values.
 - Do a better job of cleaning up session directories (e.g., in /tmp).
 - Update a help message to indicate how to suppress a warning about
   no high performance networks being detected by Open MPI.  Thanks to
   Susan Schwarz for reporting this issue.
 - Fix a problem with mangling of custom CFLAGS when configuring Open MPI.
   Thanks to Phil Tooley for reporting.
 - Fix some minor memory leaks and remove some unused variables.
   Thanks to Joshua Gerrard for reporting.

Known issues (to be addressed in v2.0.4):

- See the list of fixes slated for v2.0.4 here:

Howard Pritchard
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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