The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 2.1.2.
v2.1.2 is a bug fix release that includes a variety of bug fixes and some
performance fixes.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to v2.1.2 if currently
using the v2.1.x release stream, and not wishing to upgrade to the v3.0.x
release stream.

Version 2.1.2 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site:


2.1.2 -- September, 2017

Bug fixes/minor improvements:
- Update internal PMIx version to 1.2.3.
- Fix some problems when using the NAG Fortran compiler to build Open MPI
  and when using the compiler wrappers.  Thanks to Neil Carlson for reporting.
- Fix a compilation problem with the SM BTL.  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for
- Fix a problem with MPI_IALLTOALLW when using zero-length messages.
  Thanks to Dahai Guo for reporting.
- Fix a problem with C11 generic type interface for SHMEM_G.  Thanks
  to Nick Park for reporting.
- Switch to using the lustreapi.h include file when building Open MPI
  with Lustre support.
- Fix a problem in the OB1 PML that led to hangs with OSU collective tests.
- Fix a progression issue with MPI_WIN_FLUSH_LOCAL.  Thanks to
  Joseph Schuchart for reporting.
- Fix an issue with recent versions of PBSPro requiring libcrypto.
  Thanks to Petr Hanousek for reporting.
- Fix a problem when using MPI_ANY_SOURCE with MPI_SENDRECV.
- Fix an issue that prevented signals from being propagated to ORTE
- Ensure that signals are forwarded from ORTE daemons to all processes
  in the process group created by the daemons.  Thanks to Ted Sussman
  for reporting.
- Fix a problem with launching a job under a debugger. Thanks to
  Greg Lee for reporting.
- Fix a problem with Open MPI native I/O MPI_FILE_OPEN when using
  a communicator having an associated topology.  Thanks to
  Wei-keng Liao for reporting.
- Fix an issue when using MPI_ACCUMULATE with derived datatypes.
- Fix a problem with Fortran bindings that led to compilation errors
  for user defined reduction operations.  Thanks to Nathan Weeks for
- Fix ROMIO issues with large writes/reads when using NFS file systems.
- Fix definition of Fortran MPI_ARGV_NULL and MPI_ARGVS_NULL.
- Enable use of the head node of a SLURM allocation on Cray XC systems.
- Fix a problem with synchronous sends when using the UCX PML.
- Use default socket buffer size to improve TCP BTL performance.
- Add a mca parameter ras_base_launch_orted_on_hn to allow for launching
  MPI processes on the same node where mpirun is executing using a separate
  orte daemon, rather than the mpirun process.   This may be useful to set to
  true when using SLURM, as it improves interoperability with SLURM's signal
  propagation tools.  By default it is set to false, except for Cray XC systems.
- Remove support for big endian PowerPC.
- Remove support for XL compilers older than v13.1
- Remove IB XRC support from the OpenIB BTL due to loss of maintainer.

Thanks very much,

Open MPI Release Team

Howard Pritchard
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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