The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 3.0.1.

Version 3.0.1 can be downloaded from the Open MPI web site:

This is a bug fix release for the Open MPI 3.0.x release stream. Items fixed in 
this release include the following:

- Fix ability to attach parallel debuggers to MPI processes.
- Fix a number of issues in MPI I/O found by the HDF5 test suite.
- Fix (extremely) large message transfers with shared memory.
- Fix out of sequence bug in multi-NIC configurations.
- Fix stdin redirection bug that could result in lost input.
- Disable the LSF launcher if CSM is detected.
- Plug a memory leak in MPI_Mem_free().  Thanks to Philip Blakely for reporting.
- Fix the tree spawn operation when the number of nodes is larger than the 
  Thanks to Carlos Eduardo de Andrade for reporting.
- Fix Fortran 2008 macro in MPI extensions.  Thanks to Nathan T. Weeks for
- Add UCX to list of interfaces that OpenSHMEM will use by default.
- Add --{enable|disable}-show-load-errors-by-default to control
  default behavior of the load errors option.
- OFI MTL improvements: handle empty completion queues properly, fix
  incorrect error message around fi_getinfo(), use default progress
  option for provider by default, Add support for reading multiple
  CQ events in ofi_progress.
- PSM2 MTL improvements: Allow use of GPU buffers, thread fixes.
- Numerous corrections to memchecker behavior.
- Add a mca parameter ras_base_launch_orted_on_hn to allow for launching
  MPI processes on the same node where mpirun is executing using a separate
  orte daemon, rather than the mpirun process.   This may be useful to set to
  true when using SLURM, as it improves interoperability with SLURM's signal
  propagation tools.  By default it is set to false, except for Cray XC systems.
- Fix a problem reported on the mailing separately by Kevin McGrattan and 
  Guzik about consistency issues on NFS file systems when using OMPIO. This fix
  also introduces a new mca parameter fs_ufs_lock_algorithm which allows to
  control the locking algorithm used by ompio for read/write operations. By
  default, ompio does not perfom locking on local UNIX file systems, locks the
  entire file per operation on NFS file systems, and selective byte-range
  locking on other distributed file systems.
- Add an mca parameter pmix_server_usock_connections to allow mpirun to
  support applications statically built against the Open MPI v2.x release,
  or installed in a container along with the Open MPI v2.x libraries. It is
  set to false by default.


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