The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 

v3.1.0 is the start of a new release series for Open MPI.  New Features include 
a monitoring framework to track data movement in MPI operations, support for 
the MPI communicator tags, and direct support for one-sided over UCX.  The 
embedded PMIx runtime has been updated to 2.1.1.  There have been numerous 
other bug fix and performance improvements.  Version 3.0.0 can be downloaded 
from the main Open MPI web site:


- Various OpenSHMEM bug fixes.
- Properly handle array_of_commands argument to Fortran version of
- Fix bug with MODE_SEQUENTIAL and the sharedfp MPI-IO component.
- Use "javac -h" instead of "javah" when building the Java bindings
  with a recent version of Java.
- Fix mis-handling of jostepid under SLURM that could cause problems
  with PathScale/OmniPath NICs.
- Disable the POWER 7/BE block in configure.  Note that POWER 7/BE is
  still not a supported platform, but it is no longer automatically
  disabled.  See
  for more information.
- The output-filename option for mpirun is now converted to an
  absolute path before being passed to other nodes.
- Add monitoring component for PML, OSC, and COLL to track data
  movement of MPI applications.  See
  ompi/mca/commmon/monitoring/HowTo_pml_monitoring.tex for more
  information about the monitoring framework.
- Add support for communicator assertions: mpi_assert_no_any_tag,
  mpi_assert_no_any_source, mpi_assert_exact_length, and
- Update PMIx to version 2.1.1.
- Update hwloc to 1.11.7.
- Many one-sided behavior fixes.
- Improved performance for Reduce and Allreduce using Rabenseifner's algorithm.
- Revamped mpirun --help output to make it a bit more manageable.
- Portals4 MTL improvements: Fix race condition in rendezvous protocol and
  retry logic.
- UCX OSC: initial implementation.
- UCX PML improvements: add multi-threading support.
- Yalla PML improvements: Fix error with irregular contiguous datatypes.
- Openib BTL: disable XRC support by default.
- TCP BTL: Add check to detect and ignore connections from processes
  that aren't MPI (such as IDS probes) and verify that source and
  destination are using the same version of Open MPI, fix issue with very
  large message transfer.
- ompi_info parsable output now escapes double quotes in values, and
  also quotes values can contains colons.  Thanks to Lev Givon for the
- CUDA-aware support can now handle GPUs within a node that do not
  support CUDA IPC.  Earlier versions would get error and abort.
- Add a mca parameter ras_base_launch_orted_on_hn to allow for launching
  MPI processes on the same node where mpirun is executing using a separate
  orte daemon, rather than the mpirun process.   This may be useful to set to
  true when using SLURM, as it improves interoperability with SLURM's signal
  propagation tools.  By default it is set to false, except for Cray XC systems.
- Remove LoadLeveler RAS support.
- Remove IB XRC support from the OpenIB BTL due to lack of support.
- Add functionality for IBM s390 platforms.  Note that regular
  regression testing does not occur on the s390 and it is not
  considered a supported platform.
- Remove support for big endian PowerPC.
- Remove support for XL compilers older than v13.1.
- Remove support for atomic operations using MacOS atomics library.

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